Two Rivers VMC Officer Duties

President: The President shall preside at all meetings, appoint committees, and have the power to decide all questions of equal division of the Executive Board, having all power and duties vested in the president. The president may name, among active members, a chairman and members of special committees to serve temporarily for a specific purpose.
Vice President: The Vice President shall assist the president whenever and however possible, act as parliamentarian, and shall serve in the absence of the President.
Recording Secretary: The Recording Secretary shall record all of the minutes of all chapter meetings and executive board meetings. The Recording Secretary shall perform such other duties as shall be prescribed by the Executive Board and those that normally pertain to the office to include written correspondence.
Membership Secretary: The Membership Secretary shall execute dues notices and collections, receive memberships, process application, maintain rosters, and submit information to update website rosters.
Treasurer: The Treasurer shall collect and disperse the funds of the chapter as may be directed by the Executive Board. The Treasurer shall render a financial report of the chapter at the end of each year and at such other times as the president or Executive Board may require the same. The Treasurer shall also render reports necessary to maintain incorporation status.
Assistant Treasurer: The Assistant Treasurer shall assist the treasurer whenever and however possible, serve in the absence of the treasurer, and serve as oversight for chapter funds.
Head Road Captain: The Head Road Captain shall direct the organization and execution of all chapter road rides and related road ride events with the Executive Board having final approval of all events.

The Head Road Captain shall train road captains and maintain a road captain team. The Head Road Captain shall communicate with the President, Editor, and other board members regarding road ride plans and outcomes.

Newsletter Editor: The Editor shall publish and distribute a chapter newsletter at least four times per year with updates of meetings, activities and other events in any month a newsletter is not published.
Head Photographer: The Head Photographer shall direct a team of other photographers in the photographic documentation of chapter events, collect, organize, and distribute chapter pictures to the editor and historian. The Head Photographer assists the Historian in documenting chapter events.
Historian: The Historian shall collect, organize, and record information relevant to all chapter events for documentation of chapter activity.
Merchandise Manager: The Merchandise Manager shall order and distribute all chapter merchandise under the direction of the Executive Board.