By-Laws of the Two Rivers Chapter of the Antique Motorcycle Club of America®, Inc.

As approved by the Membership on August 10, 2008

Section I. Chapter Name
The official name of this chapter shall be the Two Rivers Chapter of the Antique Motorcycle Club of America®, Inc., herein called the Two Rivers Chapter
Section II. Chapter Purpose and Mission
The central mission of the Two Rivers Chapter is the enhancement of vintage motorcycling enthusiasm through the sharing of experiences and knowledge. All aspects of vintage motorcycling (including, but not limited to: collecting, riding, showing, competing and restoring) are encouraged and enhanced through club involvement. The club strives to maintain and promote active and membership of men and women of all ages to foster vintage motorcycling enthusiasm at both a local and national level.
Section III. Chapter Membership
All Two Rivers Chapter members are required to be a member (full or associate) of the Antique Motorcycle Club of America®, Inc. (AMCA®). Voice and vote at chapter meetings shall be limited to members.
Section IV. Chapter Officers
The Two Rivers Chapter shall have an executive board consisting of eleven officers elected from the membership for a term of two calendar years. The officers of the chapter shall be: President, Vice President, Membership Secretary, Recording Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Head Road Captain, Newsletter Editor, Historian, Merchandise Manager and Head
Photographer. In the event a board member is unable to complete his or her term, the remaining board members shall select a replacement from the membership to complete such term. The executive board shall conduct the ordinary business of the chapter by majority vote of a quorum present at a regular or special-called meeting. A quorum shall consist of a minimum
of six members.
Section V. Chapter Finances
Chapter dues for members receiving newsletters on-line shall be $15.00 per calendar year. Chapter dues for members receiving newsletters via the United States Postal Service (USPS) shall be $15.00 per calendar year plus a reasonable fee for printing and postage as determined by the executive board during the preceding November meeting.
Section VI. Chapter Meetings
Meetings or events shall be held on a monthly basis from January 1 through November 30. Members shall be notified of each meeting or event via the chapter newsletter. Meetings shall be conducted following Robert’s Rules of Order. In an election year, officer nominations will take place at the October meeting with elections held at the November meeting. Special called meetings shall require a thirty-day notice.
Section VII. Chapter Publications
The chapter newsletter shall be produced at least four times per year and distributed either online or via USPS as elected by each member. Chapter updates of meetings, activities and events shall be distributed during months in which the newsletter is not produced. Members shall be permitted to run free, non-commercial classified ads in the newsletter with the Newsletter Editor having the discretion to limit the number and frequency of such ads from each
Section VIII. Amendments to By-laws
Proposed amendments to the by-laws shall be read at the meeting prior to a special-called meeting. By-laws shall be amended by a majority of at least two-thirds of the members present at such special-called meeting.